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self destruction


self destruction discussion
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What we are
This is a community to discuss self destruction. It is a place for philosophical and ethical debate about suicide, eating disorders, self injury, and other self detructive behavoir.

Suggested topics
•The right of someone to take their own life
•When is suicide permissable if ever?
•The rights of people to engage in self destructive behavoirs including eating disorders, self injury and drug abuse
•Why certain groups are more prone to suicide than others
•Cultural and religious views relating to self destruction
•Afterlife discussions

This community is not
•Support. This community is for philosphical and ethical discussion. We encourage people who have first hand experience with our topics to join, but we are not here to offer advice or support. There are many other communites created for that purpose
•Biased one way or the other. All view points are welcome and respected.
•Glamourizing suicide or self destruction.

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